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Staying legal while driving long stints is getting tougher in road transport.

CoDriver software takes the guesswork out of managing driving time and rests. It makes complying with fatigue management regulations and filling out logbooks much easier. It's simple, portable, easy to use and accurate - everything you need to avoid fines and losing points.

With CoDriver you get instant answers. The big display shows you when to take your next seven and 24-hour breaks and how much driving time you've got left before you breach the rules. As you change tasks, just tap the big Drive, Work or Rest buttons on CoDriver's main screen and it follows suit. CoDriver tracks you night rests, night hours, Long hours and 84 work hours.

CoDriver makes planning easy. Designed for Australian conditions, it crosses borders with you, changing driving schemes without losing data.

CoDriver can even handle unexpected changes to your driving plan. You can also set warning beeps so you know well in advance when you need to pull over.

CoDriver comes pre-installed on PDAs or you can purchase the software for your PDA. Choose from the models on the right or the range in our shop. 

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 NEW VERSION complete

Version 3.3 has now shipped.

new pdas

CoDriver is now available pre installed on Socket Mobile 650 PDAs

ATN Article on codriver

Scans of the article that appeared in ATN Magazine, March 28 2007, Volume 22 No 5. pp72-74.

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Socket Mobile 650

Dimensions: 75 mm(w) x 25 mm(d) x 127 mm(h)
Screen: 3.5 inch
Processor Speed: 624 MHz
 Windows Mobile 6.0
Total Memory: 128 MB/256 MB/1 GB